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Rutile R 2219 Titanium Dioxide


TiO2 content,  (%) ≥ 94
Rutile content,  (%) ≥ 98
Inorganic treatment Zr, Al
Organic treatment Yes
CIE L* ≥ 98
Volatile elements in 105℃, (%) ≤ 0.5
The residue on mesh of 45μm,  (%) ≤ 0.06
Tint reducing power ≥ 1950
Oil absorption,  (g/100g ) ≤ 20
Specific gravity,  (g/cm3) 4.1
Soluble elements in water,  (%) ≤ 0.5
Resistivity of the aqueous extract,  (Ω·m) ≥ 90
PH 6.0-8.5



CAS: 236-675-5

HS Code: 3206111000

Universal type titanium dioxide, surface treated with zirconium, aluminum compounds and modified with organic compounds. Appearance is white powder, insoluble in water, non-toxic, chemically extremely stable. It has excellent pigment properties, such as good whiteness, brightness, hiding power, high tint reducing power and ease of dispersion, excellent weathering resistance and chalking resistance.


Widely used in high-quality solvent-based coatings, paints, plastic master batch, rubbers, profiled bar, printing inks, etc.

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