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Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

Appearance and Odour White, Odorless
Property Powder
TiO2 content, (%) ≥98.5
Loss on drying, (%) ≤0.50
Loss on ignition, (%) ≤0.50
Hydrochloric acid solutes, (%) ≤0.50
Water soluble, (%) ≤0.25
Metal content, (ppm) ≤10
Pb, (ppm) ≤10
As, (ppm) ≤5

CAS: 236-675-5

HS Code: 3206111000

We are a leading titanium dioxide food grade manufacturer. It is white powder, an edible pigment, non-toxic and odorless, low content of detrimental impurity. And with its uniform particle size and high dispersibility, it has whitening effect for foods. It can be used in coating of candies and chocolate products, toothpaste, solid beverage and jelly, etc.



Top Titanium Dioxide Food Grade Manufacturer

For the past 45 years, we are among the top titanium dioxide food grade manufacturer. We have surplus chemicals in the world. However, we have transported tens of thousands of overstock chemicals across the globe since our founding in 1977. On the one side, we purchase chemicals from businesses that have excess inventory due to changes in formulation, end-of-line production, mergers, or other factors.

To ensure compliance with food safety laws, we as titanium dioxide food grade manufacturer, carefully obtain from reliable manufacturers and put through stringent quality control procedures. We aim to produce solutions that satisfy the highest industry standards. As titanium dioxide cosmetic grade, we are aware of the crucial role that titanium dioxide plays in food applications.

Meeting Standards as Titanium Dioxide Food Grade Supplier

As a top titanium dioxide food grade supplier, we recognize the value of giving our clients dependable, high-quality products. Hence, we provide a comprehensive selection of titanium dioxide solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of the food sector. Whether you need small quantities or specialized formulations, we are prepared to meet your needs quickly and effectively.

At our business as titanium dioxide food grade supplier, we put a high priority on providing prompt delivery service. Our devoted team collaborates closely with clients to comprehend their specific needs and offer specialized solutions. As titanium dioxide food grade supplier, we make certain that our food-grade titanium dioxide products are delivered to our customers in perfect condition. Also, within the predetermined time frames, we establish a reliable supply chain and effective logistics operations which make us top.


  • What is food grade titanium dioxide?

    Titanium dioxide that has been generated and processed particularly to meet the safety and quality requirements for use in food products is known as titanium dioxide food grade.

  • Why is picking a reputable titanium dioxide food grade producer important?

    To guarantee the safety and caliber of your food goods, it is essential to select a reputable titanium dioxide food grade producer.

  • What characteristics should I search for in a titanium dioxide food grade supplier?

    Take into account aspects including the manufacturer’s experience and industry knowledge, adherence to quality control standards. Also, observance of food safety laws when choosing a titanium dioxide food grade manufacturer.

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