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Cosmetics Grade Titanium Dioxide

Appearance and Odour White, Odorless
Property Powder
Ti02 content, (%) ≥98.0
Loss on drying, (%) ≤0.50
Loss on ignition, (%) ≤0.50
Water soluble, (%) ≤0.50
Metal content, (ppm) ≤20
Pb, (ppm) ≤10
As, (ppm) ≤5
Hg, (ppm) ≤1
Whiteness ≥90
45μm, (%) ≤0.1
PH 6.5-8.5

CAS: 236-675-5

HS Code: 3206111000

We are Titanium Dioxide Cosmetic Grade Manufacturers. It is a white pigment, non-toxic and odorless, featured with low content of detrimental impurity, uniform particle size and high dispersibility. It is UV-shielding, used in sunscreen cream, cream foundation, facial cleanser, etc.



Titanium Dioxide Cosmetic Grade Manufacturers And Distributors

As successful titanium dioxide cosmetic grade manufacturers, we have developed strong relationships with thousands of customers from around the world. Thanks to our numerous factories in China that produce chemical products of the highest quality. However, our goal is to assist customers in locating the ideal chemical product and the ideal way to purchase titanium dioxide cosmetic grade manufacturers.

Numerous advantages for cosmetic formulations are provided by our cosmetic-grade titanium dioxide. It has great opacity, making it possible to produce goods with better coverage and color brightness. Additionally, the tiny particle size of our titanium dioxide is intended to help to a smooth and uniform texture in cosmetics like foundation, powder, and creams.

The Essential Application of Cosmetic Grade Titanium Dioxide

Cosmetic grade titanium dioxide is an essential component found in a variety of cosmetic products. It is a white pigment whose outstanding opacity, UV protection, and skin compatibility make it highly prized. Thus, for the cosmetics business, we specialize in producing and selling high-grade titanium dioxide.

We meticulously prepare our cosmetic grade titanium dioxide to ensure that it satisfies the demands of cosmetic formulas. Therefore, it goes through strict quality control procedures to guarantee its effectiveness, safety, and purity. We can create cosmetic grade titanium dioxide and anatase tio2 pigment particles with a constant size distribution because of our cutting-edge manufacturing methods. 


  • What is titanium dioxide of the cosmetic grade?

    Cosmetic grade titanium dioxide is a unique variety of titanium dioxide created and processed, especially for use in cosmetics.

  • What are the advantages of utilizing titanium dioxide for aesthetic purposes?

    Titanium dioxide of the cosmetic grade has various advantages for cosmetic compositions. It offers superb coverage and color vibrancy, enabling the production of goods with higher pigmentation.

  • Is it safe to use cosmetic-grade titanium dioxide in cosmetics?

    The use of cosmetic-grade titanium dioxide in cosmetics is safe. Therefore, it has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation for safety, and regulatory agencies in many nations have approved for use.

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